Protecting Historic Homes in Brisbane

Brisbane is filled with historic treasures

It’s good to see the Brisbane City Council taking a stand against the demolition of the house at 10 Stafford Street East Brisbane. Click here to read the Brisbane Times article about it.

The protection of the pre-1946 home maintains the social fabric of Brisbane. Only in Brisbane could you throw a beer can at the NSW Blues bus as it drove up Caxton street, towards the caldron, screaming “Queenslander” from a Queenslander. Testament to this behaviour, the Blues bus no longer travels up Caxton street. Deservedly it’s the bus that changed its route, not the removal of iconic Queensland houses.

The House Raising industry in Brisbane can be largely attributed to the protection of pre-1946 constructed Queenslanders. This provides a viable industry for Brisbane renovation companies that specialise in colonial restorations and house raising.  Not everyone can own an iconic house on Caxton street, but nearly anyone with the inclination can own a Queenslander in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane. The Brisbane City Council has what are called demolition control precincts, which protect these houses. If you buy a house that is pre-1946 you have to realise that more than likely you are unable to demolish the house.

 It should be noted that demolition control precincts differ from Heritage Listed Homes. These homes may be older or of greater cultural significance to the area. There are greater limitations placed on these in terms of renovation works and you should consult a Heritage Architect before carrying out any work.

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Obtaining a Structural Engineering report to say that the house requires the replacement of almost all of the existing structural components is not always sufficient grounds for the house to be demolished. The owner in the above article learned this the hard way. Companies like ACM Constructions make their livelihood from restoring Brisbane Queenslanders and are very good at doing it. If you have a colonial home in Brisbane that you’d like to restore then please contact us to discuss. We’ll be able to help you do it right.

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