Resilient Homes Fund Builders

Raise Your House to a Safe Level with the Resilient Homes Fund

The Queensland Government introduced a housing resilience grant in 2022, to assist homeowners who have been significantly impacted by the 2021/2022 Queensland floods. A significant part of this grant provides funding specifically for house raising for eligible properties and homeowners. 

By taking advantage of the Home Raising Program offered by the Queensland Government, homeowners residing in flood-affected houses can access up to $100,000 to raise their homes, and share the costs with the Government for projects that exceed $100,000 in value (e.g if its $130,000, you contribute $15,000 extra each)

At ACM Constructions, we have been raising Brisbane homes for over a decade, and possess the necessary expertise, skills and knowledge to support you in both your application process and the raise projects itself, to ensure that your house raise is completed efficiently, securely, and professionally. 

Resilient Homes Fund Brisbane Builder
Resilient Homes Fund Brisbane Builder

Our network is our key point of difference!

We have completed a large number of resilient home fund raise projects now, and we can tell you one thing, homeowners are generally overwhelmed at the process and organisation required to get their houses on legs and in the air.

This is why we have decided to provide additional assistance, and coordinate a large part of the project for you to lower stress levels and help things move quickly.

We can help you coordinate:

  • Plans 
  • Engineering
  • Surveyors
  • House Raising
  • Submission of Quotes for Funding
  • Liaison with the Government
  • the Final Build

The Queensland Government prioritises builders and homeowners who have their ‘ducks in a row’ which is why we have put together a coordinated plan of action to help you navigate this journey. 

Save weeks worth of work with our simple process:

Now we’ve been through this a number of times, we know exactly what is required at each step to assist with a speedy and efficient funding application process. ACM will…

1) Coordinate a building designer and have them send you a free proposal

2) Coordinate a surveyor and have them liaise with the building designer

3) Arrange a structural engineer to provide you with a quote for your project

4) Help you forward over your building designs and engineering to a highly experienced house raise team to provide an accurate quote for the house raise component.

5) We will collate all of the above information and add in the required additional services such as earthworks, plumbing. electrical, connections and disconnections, stairs and earthworks and submit this to the QRIDA platform for approval.

Once submitted, we will liaise with the assessors as required to move your application through a point where they can make a full decision on your funding allocation.

Step 1. Design

We collaborate with the designer and surveyor to conduct a thorough site audit, determining the essential minimum requirements for planning purposes.

Step 2. Engineering

We provide reccommendations for engineers so you can obtain a soil test and relevant structural drawings regarding footing and bearer systems for your home, in the most cost effective manner possible (This is critical)

Step 3. Proposal

Once we have these plans, we are able to get a professional quote from a raise company to lift and present it in such a  way that it is processed quickly allowing you to move forward with your Queensland Flood Resilience Resilience funding..

Step 4. Construction

Once the Queensland Flood resilience package has been obtained, we are able to  schedule your home in to be lifted and raised to a safe and secure level, so you have complete peace of mind.

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