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Building on sloping blocks & sloping sites in Brisbane

One of the most common questions posed to ACM Constructions is “Can we build on a sloping block?” The simple answer is “Yes”. However, building on a sloping block requires certain knowledge and techniques that not all builders possess. This is why the most important part of building on a sloping block is choosing the right builder.

ACM Constructions are the builder of choice for many Brisbane residents. ACM Constructions create a simple, stress-free process for homeowners whether they are building on sloping blocks or not. We have well-honed industry knowledge regarding cost, time, and best practice techniques. As well as a network of top tier industry contacts that we call upon to ensure you receive your dream home.

Sloping blocks building process:

At ACM Constructions we have extensive experience building quality homes and extensions on many sloping blocks. We provide a valuable Design and Construct service whereby we manage all aspects of your project,  including:

  • Earthworks
  • Identifying free fill sites – via excavation networks
  • Cut and Fill Construction
  • Dig outs to required levels
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Water Drainage Solutions
  • Managing water runoff
  • Utilisation of specialised excavation equipment

Our design and construct service also means that we will work with you to design your home – even on a sloping block. At ACM Constructions we design your home to meet your needs and your budget.

Designing a house for a sloping block in Brisbane:

Involving ACM Constructions early in the design process will ensure that all aspects of your build reduce unnecessary costs such as extensive earthworks, retaining walls, or over-priced materials. In recent years, Brisbane’s maximum construction heights have been relaxed, ACM Constructions can help you use these new guidelines to your advantage.

Many homeowners find it difficult to visualise the construction of a home on sloping land. ACM Constructions’ design process makes it easy to conceptualise your home-to-be with easy to read plans and drawings. After an initial site measure and discussion, our building design team will go to work developing plans for your new home. The 3-Dimensional drawings will paint the picture of your new or renovated home and how it will sit on the slope. After this point you can make adjustments with ease.

Dig outs in Brisbane:

If your home is already high-set you may not wish to raise any further. Instead you may wish to create extra space by digging out underneath. ACM Constructions can assist with deleting unnecessary house stumps, install new steel beams, and assisting in utilising currently wasted space.

The techniques that ACM Constructions use for under house dig-outs works very effectively on sloping blocks. We ensure that your under house dig out is sufficiently drained, so that should torrential rain occur, your home won’t flood, wash, or sustain water damage.

If you’re planning on digging out underneath your home, then contact ACM Constructions today.

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