Flood Repairs Builder

Brisbane Flood Repairs Builder

ACM Constructions will try to assist as many flood affected people as possible. At ACM Constructions we have specialised in completing every type of repair. Whether you have experienced a major event like a flood or something minor, we understand it is impacting your family, your life and your home.

In order to help we have a structured process to assist as many people as possible. 

  1. In the first instance we will assist you over the phone by explaining what we need from you in order to provide a quote
  2. We’ll send you a document that you will use to fill out the areas of damage to your home. This document will essentially form the scope of works (You may have sent a similar document to your insurer)
  3. Once you return the document we’ll determine a price to carry out the repair work 
  4. The price is somewhat of a guideline at this stage but will be accurate enough to know if you’d like to proceed
  5. We’ll then attend site and formalise the quote
  6. After receiving the formal quote we can proceed to contract and begin works

This process may seem a little cumbersome, but it is set up to assist as many people as possible in the early stages. It may also prove useful in obtaining quotes more quickly for insurance providers.

Please note that the above process is for repair and maintenance work. Should you require more extensive renovation or house raising work then please call and we’ll assist you by referring you to the relevant design and engineering services to begin that process. House raising in a flood affected area is a specialised process that ACM Constructions is also familiar with.  

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