ACM Constructions are committed to our core values;

Quality – We deliver quality and detailed craftsmanship across all facets of our projects.

Exceptional service – You can expect exceptional service from start to finish of your project. Andrew is available to contact at any point through the process.

Trust – We are committed from start to finish providing you with reliable information to help you feel comfortable throughout the planning and building process. The team do this by focusing on excellent communication and ensuring details of our projects are made transparent at all times.

ACM Constructions currently services Brisbane, Queensland; however we will travel to other areas. Please call us for further enquiries.

Please contact us via simple form below or Contact us. We can then establish your projects exact requirements & expectations.

The next step is to commence designing your home. This can be coordinated by us or through an architect/building designer of your choosing.

We will offer guidance and advice and assist in determining which planning approvals will be required. Building Approval (BA) is required on most residential construction projects. You may also require Development Approval (DA) if triggered under the relevant Council Planning Scheme. A building certifier or private town planning consultant can confirm whether you will need development approval, or alternatively you can enquire with Council. When all plans & specifications are approved, a Building Permit is issued allowing construction to begin.

If you designer or architect has indicated you require a site survey for your project give the team at Survey My Block a call.

Once a building permit is issued and a contract entered, construction will begin. All work will be carried out in a proper and workmanlike manner in accordance with the plans and specifications set out in the contract.

We are obligated to notify the certifier at certain stages of construction to carry out important inspections. These include:

  • Footings & piers
  • Slab
  • Frame & Truss
  • Final inspection

Once these mandatory inspections are completed, a final completion certificate is issued to Council. Now it is time to enjoy your new home!

We invite all clients to view our projects in person. This way they can see our attention to detail and workmanship first hand. Please contact us to organise a meeting.

Yes, 100% our building quotes are free. We do encourage our clients to engage our Building Designer if you don’t have plans ready. This process does have a cost associated with it, but by involving the Building Designer from the start for your renovation or extension project, it means that our preliminary estimates will more likely represent our final quote.

Yes we are fully licensed and insured. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for our up to date certificate of currency. You can also check licenses and find general building information at Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

Christo Muskens or Andrew Seymour will be supervising during construction. This ensures a very high quality of workmanship and that any potential issues that may arise are resolved accurately and promptly.

No, ACM has a tight network of reliable & professional sub-trades; from plumbers & electricians to cabinet makers & tilers.

When comparing quotes, it is important to carefully read the detailed ‘work specifications’. Work outside of these specifications may come at additional costs (variations). At ACM we work with you to ensure an accurate as possible quote is provided to minimise opportunity for unexpected costs. When choosing a builder it is also important to ask the following questions:

  • Are they correctly insured and licensed?
  • Are there any current or past building disputes under way with the relevant building commission?
  • Has the builder ever been declared bankrupt?
  • Do they use high quality materials for longevity and aesthetics?
  • Have they got positive testimonials & references from previous clients
  • Can they show you their recently completed projects?

Most building contracts include provision for prime cost items and provisional sums. A prime cost item is an accurate allowance in the contract for the supply of necessary items not yet finally selected (for example, door handles & taps). 

A provisional sum is an accurate allowance in the contract for the cost of foreseeable necessary work, including the supply of materials not fully described or detailed at the time that the contract commenced (for example, excavation & electrical).

Brisbane house raising costs are some of the most competitive in the country. This is because more house lifting gets carried out in Brisbane than any other capital city in Australia. The typical cost of raising a Queenslander is around $25,000. This includes raising, post and beams. 

If you give ACM a call we’ll be able to discuss with you in more detail over the phone, while having a look at the property on Google maps. It’s a great way to get FREE information to get started.

Digging out is only economical if your doing a small portion under the house or if there is a fundamental reason as to why you can’t raise – For example your house is made of brick. In Brisbane, house lifting companies will not raise brick houses. 

The reason why digging out is expensive is because of the earthworks and retaining wall costs involved. It may be better to consider a house extension out the back instead if you really want the extra space.

ACM Constructions works closely with Designer Planning and Live Best Building Design for house plans.

We also reccommend Survey My Block for surveying plans for your property.


www.designerplanning.com.au info@designerplanning.com.au | 3078 5332

www.livebestbuildingdesign.com.au | info@livebest.com.au | 07 3319 3171

www.surveymyblock.com.au | info@surveymyblock.com.au | 07 3054 4775

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