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Outdoor areas are great for the Queensland climate, which can allow us to enjoy the outdoors for most of the year, so why not create a great space to enjoy it?
We recently completed an outdoor area in North Brisbane. This project involved creating a pool and patio to create a stunning outdoor area, perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

We took both areas into consideration as well as how functional each space should be to maximise the owner’s use of them. By creating the patio and pool next to each other, it helps the backyard area to appear longer and more spacious. We also used a glass gate to divide the pool and patio to help open up the area and create a more seamless space. By placing the patio area in line with the back door, the interior and exterior can blend together.

The in-ground concrete pool not only adds value to the home, but it can be updated in the future. With a step running along the length of the pool, there’s plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the water throughout the day. It also provides easy access to and from the pool for all levels of swimmers, so even young children can have a safe spot to go to.

A spacious patio area allows for plenty of room for entertaining guests, as well as a great spot to sit and relax. By placing a large roof above the patio, the owners can sit and enjoy the area all day without worrying about the sun. A small, outdoor kitchen within the patio area means that there is less need to go back and forth to the inside kitchen, plus it allows the owners to continue entertaining or easily watch the kids in the pool.

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