Brisbane House Raising Process

To end up here, house raising is obviously of interest to you and is definitely something that we, here at ACM Constructions are able to help you with.

Overall house raising is such a small piece in the necessary puzzle. There are plans to be drawn, building work to be done, electricity and plumbing to be sorted, new stumps to be made and concrete to organise, which is why so many people turn to local builders like us to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from start to finish.

We work closely with an organisation called Raise My House who are your typical, yet talented, house raising company, contracting with builders like us to allow for all stages of the house raising process to be completed in one simple process.

We often get asked many questions when it comes to house raising, so we have done our best to answer any of the questions that you may have below.

Is Building approval a requirement for house raising?

In short the answer is yes, Building Approval is a quintessential component when raising a house and this is something that we are more than happy to help you with, providing design and construct packages to anyone wanting to begin the house raising process. We work with a drafting company called Designer Planning, who are able to provide you with plans through to engineering, which allows us, your local builder to organise and ensure that you get the required building approval.

Is house raising a long process you may ask?

The answer is not necessarily. The average time to be out of your house is about six weeks.This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when working out the initial construction process. Many builders are known for quoting less, but we like to ensure that the job is done to an exceptional standard and that the house is safe for occupancy. This six week timeframe allows for you to have the services, reconnected, stairs on and a slab under the existing structure. Building in under the house, extensions, landscaping and driveways, takes a longer period of time to complete and suitable alternative accommodation should be arranged.

Is leaving furniture in the house during this process an issue?

It is perfectly okay to leave furniture in your home while it is getting raised, however valuable items are at a greater risk of damage or possibly even theft. Thieves have been known to target houses undergoing construction so we recommend keeping valuable goods in a safe place.

Am I able to raise the house now and build under at a later date?

Most definitely. This is often a preferred option for many people trying to manage the building work costs, however as the client choosing to undertake the building work it is crucial that you understand your end goals from the get go, to save yourself and the builder time and ultimately money. So it is always important to ensure that your plans cover all of the building work that you intend on completing,

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