Sloping Blocks Need to be Purpose Designed and Constructed

Sloping blocks offer great views and breezes, but you home needs to be carefully planned.

There’s nothing like coming home at the end of a long week and putting your feet up at home and taking in the view. This is especially true when the weather warms up, the sunsets get longer, and the summer storms in the distance roll by to provide some atmospheric drama. Unfortunately, for a lot of Brisbane homeowners living on flat blocks, this goes by unnoticed, thanks to the presence of surrounding buildings. People that build on sloping blocks, however, can enjoy the unobstructed views that make owning your own home that much more satisfying. Buying and building on a sloping block gives the same sense of openness and perspective usually reserved for exclusive waterfront properties.

You might think that building on a sloping block presents a range of problems and issues that limit your options in regard to designing your home. On the contrary, sloping blocks present a host of additional benefits and options that a flat block can’t, including superior views and additional downstairs areas. The right advice from the right people can turn a difficult looking hillside into a stunning home that will be the envy of everyone who sees it!

Naturally, sloping blocks present some factors that need to be taken into account during the design and construction phases. It’s not as simple as designing and building a flat-block house and putting it up on stilts. Trying to adapt flat-block plans for a sloping block build often leads to substantially underestimating the cost of earthworks, which can quickly cause a budget blowout. Involving experienced sloping block builders can help you get a clearer idea up-front about the total costs of the build, and can even help you avoid unnecessary work entirely.

Going up…

If cleanliness is close to godliness, then building up is close to heavenliness. Recently, the height restrictions for homes in Brisbane were relaxed, allowing homeowners to stretch their investments skyward, maximising space, views, and value for their property. An additional benefit is optimising the natural breezes in your area, which means you don’t have to run the air-conditioner to cool the house, saving on your power bill. Building up will give you unparalleled views of our beautiful city, just the thing for Riverfire! A tree-top view of the Queensland sun rising or setting will have you on cloud nine!

Getting down…

Of course, building up isn’t your only option. As expert sloping block builders, ACM Constructions will help you utilise the space beneath your main living area. Their extensive experience in this type of work will help you maximise the space, while minimising costs from earthworks. Building on a sloping block naturally creates this sort of space, which would be a shame to waste. The approach ACM Constructions takes will give you peace of mind, which will give you the confidence to turn that under-house area into an additional living space that will add considerable value to your property.

ACM Constructions is the premier sloping block builder in Brisbane. We have expertise that other builders claim (but don’t actually have), thanks to years of experience lifting houses, modifying embankments, creating strong retaining walls, and turning hills into homes. The sooner ACM are involved in the process, the more you can benefit from their expertise and avoid the headaches that less experienced builders don’t anticipate. With our help, you can create a detailed vision of what you could achieve on a sloping block, and turn it into a reality. Contact our friendly team today!

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