D.I.Y Vs Professional Builders

As the price of homes soar and wage increases stagnate, many homeowners are turning back to the penny pinching practice of DIY home renovations. DIY renovation has been extensively glorified in hit reality TV shows like Fixer Upper, Extreme Makeover, Flip or Flop,  and the seemingly unending series, The Block. While DIY home renovation has its place, there are more aspects to take into consideration than simply money (and the excitement of racing against Scott Cam’s Challenges).

One of the major factors that many people don’t consider is Insurance. Your licensed professional builder will have extensive insurance covering them, their staff, and their work should anything unforeseen happen. Building and renovating is a strenuous process that can push your body to the limits, particularly if you are not accustomed the enormous physical demands. If your builder sustains a physical injury they have insurance to cover any costs that stem from this. DIY renovators don’t have this luxury.

If you strain yourself, slip a disc, or break something you have nothing to cover your losses. If your are employed elsewhere you may have to eat into your annual and sick leave, or even take unpaid time off depending on your employer and the nature of your injury. Could you afford to be without an income while renovating a home?

Even if you aren’t injured, you will still be very tired and very sore. It is important to consider your quality of life while you renovate – if you’re unhappy doing it, is it really worth saving money?

Similar to Insurance, DIY work has no Warranty. Many professional builders will discuss their building warranty with you. This warranty is a homeowners safety net. A warranty is your builders promise to you that the work is going to last well beyond the completion of the project. Why wouldn’t you want this type of quality assurance?

Council Approval can be a monster that haunts homeowners throughout home renovations. Professional builders, like ACM Construction, are experienced at artfully balancing client requirements and council stipulations. Trying to make your way through the maze of council rules and regulations can be more than a headache for DIYers. In some instances, applications have been known to be rejected purely because there is no licensed builder involved in the project.

The standard and most obvious reason for consideration is Builder Experience. There are so many components of builder experience; experience means accurate quality, experience means trade connections with plumbers, electricians, painters, etc, experience means safety, and most importantly experience means reliability. When you contract a professional and licensed builder you are accessing all of this experience; you will never be the ‘guinea pig’ – Something that should not be overlooked. When you do your first DIY renovation that is precisely what your home becomes – one big experiment.

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