Cottage renovation, Greenslopes

Job Description:

A traditional workers cottage renovation which included new kitchenbathroomdeck and back bedroom extension.

Client comments:

“Because of their honest, consultative and professional approach, Christo and Andrew have made the renovation experience as stress free as possible.”


At the personal level:

  • Of all the quotes I received, theirs provided the most detailed and itemised outline of works needed and accurate estimates of the costs involved. Their quote was also the most cost effective.

  • They understood and respected my wishes to maintain the integrity of the 1930’s cottage even though it meant tackling unusual details which required effort and investigation on their part to do.

  • Throughout the build, decisions which were needed were highlighted ahead of time ensuring full and proper consideration of choices could be made.

  • All aspects were clearly explained in everyday language.

  • All phones calls were returned promptly.

  • During the process, visits to the property by both the owner and designer were welcomed.

  • Christo and Andrew were resourceful. Whenever a challenge arose they provided options that were both clever/engenious and cost effective.

  • Having an 80 year old house meant there were unforeseen replacements that needed to be made. In this case it was the electrical wiring. This ‘hard truth’ was diplomatically delivered and the reasons and cost implications fully explained.

As an older, single lady who knows little about construction, Christo and Andrew instilled confidence and trust because of the obvious precision of their work.

At the professional level:

  • They have an excellent working knowledge of the QBCC Renovation contract process which they followed closely. Other paperwork such as certification was completed competently. Questions involving building regulations could be answered on the spot. They do not need to be looked up.

  • When they were working at my house, they were prompt at the start of each day and made substantial progress.

  • Even to my inexperienced eye, the measures taken to ensure safety and the security of the building were clear and obvious.

  • They have gathered a group of sub-contactors who are excellent in their area. I especially recommend the tiler, plasterer, electrician and kitchen designer.

  • During the build I contracted a separate roofer. He was so impressed by their work that unsolicited, he told me that they had an attention to detail and pride in their work rare to see in young tradesmen.

Thankyou again to the ACM team!

Profession – High School Teacher


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