Tips To Enjoy Your Renovation Project

Renovating your home can be a stressful time. Even with the best builders engaged, there are still elements of waiting and choice that can be frustrating for many homeowners. This frustration can be compounded if you are living in the home during the renovation process.
At ACM Constructions, we want your renovation experience to be as enjoyable as possible.

Here are some fun activities to help make your renovation process go quickly:

Timelapse Videos

Timelapse videos can be made one of two ways. The first method is to record a continuous video over several hours or days, and run the captured video at double-speed or more. This method creates a much larger video file, and can also present issues in terms of battery-life of the recording device as well as mounting.
The second, simpler option, is to use specialised timelapse cameras which take an image every minute. These images are spliced together to create a video. ACM Constructions are able to organise a private company to capture and edit timelapse videography for you, or you can try it yourself! Many people who create a timelapse video of their renovation often like to display the finished video in a digital photo frame. What a great conversation point for anyone who walks into your home or business!


Another exciting project is to create a stunning shadow box of your renovations! In your shadow box you can include a before and after image, a copy of your renovation plans, and a few key sentimental items. The sentimental items can include things like an old key that’s since been replaced, an old tungsten bulb, or perhaps an old feature tile from the kitchen or bathroom. You can put anything you really want to remember into your shadow box, but shadow boxes look best when at least one three dimensional item is included.
Once your renovation is completed, you can hang your shadow box proudly displaying all the hard work that went into creating your beautiful home!

Drone photography

Looking to capture the progress of your project from a new angle? Drone photography and videography is a fantastic way to do just that! Drones allow you to capture your project from an entirely new angle. Drone videography is particularly impressive if your home is under-going extensive external renovations or extension. Similarly, homes in unique locations are great candidates for videography. Lush, leafy suburbs or homes set near the water create visually stunning videos that homeowners can enjoy watching over and over. Similar to timelapse photography, ACM Constructions have a network of connections who can capture drone footage for you, as well as providing an edited final video.

Lock up parties

The final, and most exciting, way to enjoy your renovation project, is a Lock Up Party! Lock Up Parties are like Housewarming parties, but held at the lock up stage of your renovation. It’s a great way to celebrate a big stage of your renovation, extension, or build. Get some bubbly, get some nibbles, and take some photos with your family and friends. These photos are great keepsakes for your finished home.


ACM Constructions specialise in luxury home renovations and new home builds. Our experienced team can guide you through the renovation process with our Design and Construct service. ACM Constructions are able to manage your project from initial concept designs through to handover of keys. If you want more information, contact our friendly team today!

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