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A building project, whether it is a brand new custom home or a tailored renovation and extension, is a huge investment. Beyond the financial investment, there is the enjoyment factor of the home. If the project does not meet expectations (or you imagined it differently) it can be extremely difficult to live in the property. Even more frustrating, if you decide you hate the home due to builder or design faults, it can make it hard to sell as well. Making sure you find a builder with the perfect skillset that you trust is an incredibly hard step for many people. There are so many horror stories out there that many first-timers are unsure where to even start searching for a builder.

Unfortunately, the nature of building means that your local, independent builder won’t offer a loyalty program. Or ‘Try and Buy’ periods. Referrals are an excellent way to ascertain whether the builder you are looking at hiring is the right fit for you. While there are many skilled builders out there, there are likely to only be a few that have the exact skillset and experience you are looking for.

The internet age has drastically changed the way we look at referrals. These days, most businesses are subject to ‘reviews’ that are out in the abyss of the internet forever.
And for many business styles this works. But one industry that has still retained the old ways of verbal referrals is the building industry.

Be aware that ‘reviews’ and ‘referrals’ are two different things entirely. Reviews can be made in the heat of a moment, and almost immediately forgotten. Furthermore, reviews (whether good or bad) can be faked. Most reputable businesses will make an effort to ensure all reviews are authentic, however, it is always advisable to base your decision on more than just reviews for this reason.

Referrals from real people offer a unique insight into the entire service you might receive. You are able to ask probing questions about specifics that relate to your interest. Furthermore, when you mention who referred you, your builder will know which of their projects you have seen firsthand.

At ACM Constructions we are pleased of both out glowing reviews as well as the number of referrals we receive. Additionally, we enjoy showcasing our finished projects on our website.
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