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Throughout Brisbane, luxury homes have been in higher demand than ever before and it is predicted this demand will continue. Both home buyers and home builder/renovators are looking for a luxurious home that suits their specific needs. Brisbane homes offer a great opportunity for luxury renovations, due to a large combination of factors.
However, it is important to consider several factors before jumping into a luxury home renovation.

1.  Finding a Luxury Home Builder.

Luxury homes require a unique skill set, vastly different from a regular renovation. While most builders are focussed on speed and turn-over, your luxury home builder should be focussed on precision and fine details. As well as the overall cohesion of the home and property.

ACM Constructions are specifically geared toward luxury home renovations. Our team are extensively experienced and our project managers are highly detail oriented.
Our extensive experience also comes into effect during the planning stage; we are able to offer advice on price aesthetics, durability, and more.

2. Builder Flexibility

ACM Constructions will work with you extensively to ensure that you new home is exactly the way you want it. It is important during this phase that you have a solid list of the ‘non-negotiable features’ that you want included in your home. We work with trusted designers to create unique plans for your stunning new home. Alternatively, we are able to use or alter existing plans from any architect or building designer.

3. Quality Work & Outstanding Value

Luxury homes don’t come cheap. But this doesn’t mean you should be over-charged at every juncture. Nor does it mean that your builder should be looking for cheap materials to sub in for key fixtures. It is about finding a balance between quality and value.


At ACM Constructions, we are proud to say we provide quality work & outstanding value. One of the many ways we are able to offer this is through our dedicated quoting process. Rather than throw a quote at you and leave you to fend for yourself, ACM Constructions will dedicate time to understanding your budget, your ‘must haves’, and the best way to balance these.


Our Design and Construct service is of particular interest to many homeowners during a luxury renovation. We manage your project for you from concept to hand over. We use your budget as a starting figure and work backward from there. We provide honest feedback on what will fit into your budget, and what will not. ACM Constructions use a vast network of industry contacts to ensure you are getting the best value from all suppliers, subcontractors, and designers.
Most importantly, we work to fit you. Finding the right builder is only the first step in creating your personal Eden, so ACM Constructions want to make that first decision simple!


The main focus of Building a luxury home should be customising your home to your tastes. For many homeowners, sustainability is moving higher on their list of requirements. Not only because of the largescale toll on the environment. Many find that sustainable options are the cheaper alternative long-term, allowing them to spend money on the things they truly enjoy – not power bills! The sustainability of you home should be seen as just another customisable feature included during the planning stages.


Having a sustainable home does not preclude you from also owning a luxury home. However, it is something you should plan for from the beginning. Speak to ACM Constructions during the quoting phase to ensure that your budget specifically includes the use of eco-friendly materials.

Here are 5 great ways to keep your luxury home sustainable:

1. Opting for eco-friendly floors

There are a variety of different sustainable flooring options available. Each offers unique pros and cons. It is important to discuss these options with ACM Constructions during the planning phase. Our experienced team will be able to guide in terms of aesthetics, cost, and sourcing of the materials.
If you decide to go with timber floors, it is important to check for an FSC or AFS accreditation.
Both of these certifications ensure that the timber used is sustainably sourced both in Australia and internationally. Additionally, you can also use EcoSpecifier’s online database to find sustainably sourced products.

2. Green roofs

Green roofs are one of the most aesthetically compelling additions to a sustainable home. Covering the home with a gorgeous, lush layer of fauna has proven return on investment time and again. As well as providing many social and environmental benefits.

Green roofs vary throughout the world in terms of installation and function, but the overall idea is the same. By covering your roof with greenery, you can achieve the following:

  • Prolonged life of waterproofing membranes (and the reduction of the associated waste)
  • Extended service life of various heating and ventilation systems
  • Improved insulation and reduced heating/cooling costs
  • Improved air quality
  • Noise reduction (up 50 decibels)
  • Stormwater management (in summer green roofs can absorb as much as 90% of water that falls on them)
  • Previously unused recreation space

Not to mention, green roofs can increase a building’s marketability. They present an unmissable statement on the sustainability of the home – something many buyers are now taking into consideration.
Your green roof will have to be accounted for during the planning phase of your project as they differ in construction.

3. Efficient windows – double glazed etc.

In many luxury homes, if not all, you will find stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. The abundance of beautiful natural light is non-negotiable for many homeowners. However, it can be a concern when it comes to the heating and cooling of the home.
To skirt this issue, the simple solution is ensuring all windows are double glazed. Such a simple solution, however, as with all things, this should be discussed with your ACM Constructions project manager during the planning stage. This way the cost will already be factored into your quote, leaving no room for surprises later.

4. Proper insulation

Ensuring that your home is properly insulated is another way to reconcile luxury and sustainability. Not only does this reduce the long-term costs of excessive heating and cooling; but maintenance of your air-conditioning and ventilation systems is reduced as well.
There are a vast number of sustainable insulation options. From fiberglass made from recycled bottles to Cellulose to Earthwool. Options are abundant. There are even vegan-friendly insulations available.
If you have a preference regarding which insulation you want installed, let us know early in the process.

5. Solar energy usage

It’s an obvious option to help improve the sustainability of your home, but it is often forgotten. Solar Panels have improved tremendously over the last ten years. There is no need for your stunning luxury home to be disfigured with hulking great solar panels covering the entire roof. But a few well-placed panels can make a difference to your pocket and to the overall sustainability of the home.
Shop around, compare quotes, and by the time your luxury home is completed, you will have a be ready to install your solar panels.

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