Changes to the Resilient Homes Fund for Flood Affected Homeowners

For those of you who felt the devastating impacts of the 2021-22 flooding, the Resilient Homes Fund has just expanded its criteria to offer more support in making your homes flood-resilient.

Initially, the Resilient Homes Fund was set up to offer retrofit solutions for homes affected by the floods. However, after the Palaszczuk Government’s thoughtful reconsideration of feedback from affected Queenslanders, there’s been a boost to the fund! Now, up to 1000 homeowners can access additional funding to raise their homes above flood level. This means you can retrofit your house or decide to raise it, making it more resilient to any future flooding.

Why This Matters?

We’ve seen firsthand the devastating aftermath of these floods, and the lasting impacts can be overwhelming. The broader criteria ensure more of you can rest easy after floodwaters recede, without the stress of returning to damaged or unsafe homes. This expansion isn’t just great news for affected homeowners but will also mean fewer insurance claims and potential reductions in premiums in the event of future floods.

How ACM Builders Can Help You

We, at ACM Builders, have always prioritised the needs of our homeowners. Having completed numerous resilient house raise projects, we’ve got the expertise and dedication required to upgrade or retrofit your home. We understand the emotional and financial stress flooding can bring, and we’re here to support you in this rebuilding journey.

For more details on the Resilient Homes Fund and how you can benefit, visit the official Resilient Homes Fund website.

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